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28-Aug-2017 05:13

Their relationship had never been calm; as intellectual equals they shared much, especially their love of literature and a passion for nature and the West Highlands of Scotland.

She had been a regular visitor at Sandaig; he had also unwisely taken a flat in the basement of her London house. Maxwell deeply resented her possessive jealousy, particularly when his attention strayed to other women, notably Clementine Glock, an artist of rare beauty.

Photos at the center of the hacking scandal showed Stella taking selfies in the bathroom while Kristen stood naked behind her.

Tiger Woods earlier this week also set his lawyers on the site after it posted explicit photos of him and ex-girlfriend Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn.

He also had a brief dalliance with Princess Margaret.

They had met first as teenagers on the Galloway coast and again in the rarefied literary cliques of Oxford and Cambridge.Maxwell was entranced; he brought the otter back to Britain to his remote cottage in Sandaig on the West Highland seaboard (made famous as Camusfeàrna in Ring of Bright Water).