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John believed he was married to Kristen, although it was Susan who participated in the ceremony, and was raising Susan's child, unbeknownst to him. Of course, he didn't know it was Susan at the time.After the wedding, Marlena and John went to the penthouse where they declared their undying love for each other and made passionate love.During an extended trip to Aremid, John was tried and convicted of Tony's murder and was sentenced to the gas chamber.The gas had already started to rise when Tony's journal was found, which exonerated John, because Tony had actually killed himself. Stefano captured John, who was looking for a kidnapped Marlena in Paris, and sentenced John to die by the guillotine.In 1994 John arrived at Maison Blanche, a Di Mera family house, when Stefano sent him puzzle pieces of the estate.

It was then discovered that John had been a priest, and Kristen broke off their relationship at hearing that.

(2007 - 2008) Formerly the penthouse - 715 Pinewood Avenue, Salem, U. Although John couldn't remember his past, he knew he loved Marlena and believed she was his wife.

(2007) Formerly Salem University Hospital (while in a coma) (2007; temporary) Formerly the penthouse - 24 Riverview Drive, Salem, U. Later, after seeing before and after surgery photos, Marlena realized that he could be her presumed dead husband Roman.

In 1992 Roman's presumed dead wife Marlena returned after a five-year absence, while the real Roman escaped his jungle prison.

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"Roman" and Roman ran into each other in Mexico while searching for Marlena's former captor.

(1997 - 2007) Formerly a loft - 25 River Street, Salem, U. It was a phoenix, and she thought he could indeed be Stefano as others suspected.