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06-Nov-2017 14:25

Try to understand that just because you make the real salary, it doesn't mean there aren't other people who deserve it or need it as much as you do.Team members work just as hard and are just as capable of being trained to be ETL's Kontras There is little room for everyone to achieve an actual full time salary paid career.Stop taking advantage of these people and try working with them to help them improve their situations.Visit Safelite® in Westbury for experienced windshield replacement carried out by Safe Tech-certified technicians.Rat an das Management There are people who belong in places like target, working as team members for a crap hourly wage.Then there are people who shouldn't be working as team members; Hardworking educated people who deserve a real career.If you are able to get an Executive Team Lead position then you will get paid better than other retail job management positions.

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they don't care about your education, they refuse to acknowledge it.

Safelite was extremely professional and my windshield looks like nothing ever happened to it. The technician called me, prior to my scheduled appointment, to let me know when he would arrive. this had to be completed by driving the car on the highway.

When he finished this task, he returned my keys to me and thanked me for using Safelite.

They treat the employees like ignorant children who will believe anything they say, and they lie, all the time.

They make it a nightmare to get promoted, even if you are educated.

If you are paid by the hour then you have to deal with long periods of time where hours get cut and your barely working enough hours to pay the rent or support yourself in any way.

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