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27-Jul-2017 13:32

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The more steps your users must take to prove their identity, the better.For example, in addition to a password, users could be required to enter a PIN.Or, a random numerical code generated by a key-fob authenticator every 60 seconds could be used in conjunction with a PIN or password.It is also a good idea to use a firewall to separate the VPN network from the rest of the network.In particular, verify that office computers are running current versions of these much used programs: Keep an inventory to make sure each device is updated regularly, including mobile devices and network hardware.And make sure Windows and Apple computers have automatic updating enabled.By now, most users know not to write their passwords on Post-It Notes that are plastered to their monitors.But there’s more to keeping passwords secure than keeping them out of plain sight.

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Software is available for cleaning up inactive accounts on large networks with many users.Multiple layers of hardware and software can prevent threats from damaging computer networks, and stop them from spreading if they slip past your defenses.The most common threats to your systems: These network security fundamentals are vital to downtime prevention, government regulation compliance, reduced liability and reputation protection: Cyber criminals exploit vulnerabilities in operating systems, software applications, web browsers and browser plug-ins when administrators are lax about applying patches and updates.For most, that option simply won’t work and others have reported experiencing battery life problems and activation issues when updating on top of a jailbreak.

More to the point, most i OS software updates modify your hardware’s baseband version, which means if you’re dependent on your jailbreak for an unlock, you will lose your unlock when you finally do upgrade.

Hackers are known to impersonate tech support to get people to give out their passwords or simply look over users’ shoulders while they type in their passwords.