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What is the difference between instantaneous and cumulative hit ratio and which should be used for tuning The hit ratio is a measure of how many times the database was able to read a value from the buffers verses how many times it had to re-read a data value from the disks. If it is not specified the tables that already exist will be skipped. You have a rollback segment in a version 7.2 database that has expanded beyond optimal, how can it be restored to optimal Use the ALTER TABLESPACE ..... This is bad because it causes user objects and temporary segments to be placed into the SYSTEM tablespace resulting in fragmentation and improper table placement (only data dictionary objects and the system rollback segment should be in SYSTEM). What are some of the Oracle provided packages that DBAs should be aware of Oracle provides a number of packages in the form of the DBMS_ packages owned by the SYS user. s default tablespace and all sizing information is lost. t store this information as a part of the constraint definition, but only as part of the index definition, when the constraint was disabled the index was dropped and the information is gone. (On UNIX) When should more than one DB writer process be used? How can you find their operating system id There are several ways.A value greater than 80-90% is good, less could indicate problems. It can be reduced by setting the storage parameters on the table to appropriate values. If it is specified, the error is ignored and the tables data will be inserted. The packages used by DBAs may include: DBMS_SHARED_POOL, DBMS_UTILITY, DBMS_SQL, DBMS_DDL, DBMS_SESSION, DBMS_OUTPUT and DBMS_SNAPSHOT. How many should be used If the UNIX system being used is capable of asynchronous IO then only one is required, if the system is not capable of asynchronous IO then up to twice the number of disks used by Oracle number of DB writers should be specified by use of the db_writers initialization parameter. You are using hot backup without being in archivelog mode, can you recover in the event of a failure? One is to look at the v$session or v$process views.

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ARCHIVELOG mode is a mode that you can put the database in for creating a backup of all transactions that have occurred in the database so that you can recover to any point in time. Candidate should mention use of DECLARE statement, a function must return a value while a procedure doesn't have to. What is a mutating table error and how can you get around it? It occurs because the trigger is trying to update a row it is currently using.

The benefit of taking a cold backup is that it is typically easier to administer the backup and recovery process.

In addition, since you are taking cold backups the database does not require being in archive log mode and thus there will be a slight performance gain as the database is not cutting archive logs to disk.

They can be used to hold values for use in later queries or calculations. The DECLARE statement is used in PL/SQL anonymous blocks such as with stand alone, non-stored PL/SQL procedures. You should always attempt to use the Oracle Flexible Architecture standard or another partitioning scheme to ensure proper separation of SYSTEM, ROLLBACK, REDO LOG, DATA, TEMPORARY and INDEX segments. You see multiple fragments in the SYSTEM tablespace, what should you check first? t have the SYSTEM tablespace as their TEMPORARY or DEFAULT tablespace assignment by checking the DBA_USERS view. What are some indications that you need to increase the SHARED_POOL_SIZE parameter?

In Oracle 8 they will be able to be of the %ROWTYPE designation, or RECORD. It must come first in a PL/SQL stand alone file if it is used. In what order should a open/fetch/loop set of commands in a PL/SQL block be implemented if you use the %NOTFOUND cursor variable in the exit when statement? Expected answer: OPEN then FETCH then LOOP followed by the exit when. Poor data dictionary or library cache hit ratios, getting error ORA-04031.If you simply take the ratio of existing parameters this will be a cumulative value since the database started. How do you correct it Row chaining occurs when a VARCHAR2 value is updated and the length of the new value is longer than the old value and won? It can be corrected by export and import of the effected table. Give one method for transferring a table from one schema to another: There are several possible methods, export-import, CREATE TABLE... Another way is to check the current_logins parameter in the v$sysstat view.

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