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Narrator: Clean around the stump area with a damp cotton swab or washcloth and let it air dry. Midwife: Continue to the legs and on to the feet, and you can do in between the toes. Narrator: After washing, use a clean, damp washcloth to remove the soap, then dry with a dry washcloth. More studies of kitchen sponges are still needed as well, to explore how dangerous the bacteria on sponges actually are (especially given that there are no recorded cases directly linking sponge bacteria to an infection), find better sponge sanitation methods and more fully explore the “sponge microbiome.” The field of sponge science is alive and well.The character actor Colin Bean was a familiar face to viewers of the classic television sitcom Dad’s Army, initially taking his place in the Walmington-on-Sea Home Guard’s back row as Private Sponge, in charge of the platoon’s second section.

Midwife Miriam Maldonado: You can give the baby a bath in a flat surface like a changing table or in a baby bathtub.Clean your baby's bottom, then dry the area and put on a clean diaper. To wash your baby's hair, you can just brush it with some water, using circular motions. Use a brush or your fingers to massage your baby's scalp. To rinse, hold her with her head over a bowl of warm water. Dry her head, dress her, and you'll have a clean and relaxed baby – probably ready for a good sleep.

If bacteria all glowed the way some bioluminescent species do, you’d probably go blind walking into your kitchen.

They found that the bacteria appear most often on the surface and visible cavities of the sponge, and their analysis indicated rapid growth.

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