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Thus, it was natural for us to look to our seas,” Valdez furthered.

The Voyage of Balangay, will travel along the shorelines and to the open sea without the use of any modern equipment like GPS (Global Positioning System).

Balangay or the Butuan boat is the first wooden watercraft ever excavated in Southeast Asia and the first excavated relic of the boat was dated AD 320. We estimate the construction of the first boat to be around 90 days,” Art Valdez said during the launch of his book Live the Dream at the Captain’s Bar of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Makati City. As a team, we are still keen in pioneering outdoor adventure, specifically adventure with a national significance.

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We will travel along shorelines and stop at communities and key human settlements to hold seminars. On the second year, they noticed some patches of snow around the area, and on the last year, they were saddened by the deleterious effects of global warming because snow was no where to be traced on the area that was used to be blanketed it.

We intend to heighten awareness of global warming,” the expedition leader enthused. Everest, the team led by Valdez witnessed the ill effects of global warming. “In our travels, we will share our self-image and self-assertion that the Filipinos can do the impossible. Everest without ever having seen snow or high mountain, then more so in the Voyage of the Balangay,” Valdez concluded.

On its second year, the crew plans to traverse the silk routes of Southeast Asia, and then to Madagascar before heading to Polynesia onward to the Atlantic.

The crew aims to be back home to the Philippines in 2013.The crew will ride a balangay, the boat used by ancient Filipinos for trading and traveling, which will be crafted by master boat builders from the Island of Sibutu and Sitangkay in Tawi-Tawi starting this December.