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05-Nov-2017 13:31

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If you anticipate ongoing background checks on various individuals, the monthly service is the way to go.

However, this one is priced slightly higher than some of the other services available today.

In instances such as these, employment screenings have been shown to significantly reduce employee theft and dishonesty.

Certain industries such as banking, financial, security, transportation, childcare, health care, teaching, law enforcement, and so on, require background checks on all employees.

While some agencies will insist they can conduct thorough background checks with only a persons name, reputable agencies also will require a valid social security number as well.

Using a social security number, in conjunction with a persons full name (first, middle and last), helps eliminate the margin of error in confusing two people with a similar name.

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Intelius costs more than other websites we reviewed, and they offer a limited service.There are a number of features to consider when looking for a background check service. Embarrassing photos from last summers pool party where you were holding a beer in each hand as you belly-flopped into the pool easily can surface on someone elses website or social media account.So even if you think youre being discreet, there is always the chance that someone else is not.As a high-tech way to screen dates or make sure a neighborhood is safe for your children, background checks can be used to research your friends, family, and acquaintances.

In the past, background checks were typically performed by employers to screen potential hires.

This entailed verifying employment records, a person's education, gaps in employment history, a person's identity and address, their credit worthiness, and whether they had a criminal record.