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Cyproheptadine may be particularly useful for cold urticaria,dermatitis including neurodermatitis and neurodermatitis circumscripta, eczema, eczematoid dermatitis, mild local allergic reactions to insect bites, angioneurotic edema, drug and serum reactions, anogenital pruritus and pruritus of chickenpox. However, controlled clinical studies have not demonstrated that antihistamines are significantly more effective than placebo in relieving cold symptoms.

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This monograph includes information on the following: 1) Azatadine 2) Brompheniramine 3) Cetirizine 4) Chlorpheniramine 5) Clemastine 6) Cyproheptadine 7) Desloratadine 8) Dexchlorpheniramine 9) Dimenhydrinate 10) Diphenhydramine 11) Doxylamine 16) Tripelennamine Note: Products listed in this monograph contain single-entity antihistamines.

In allergic skin reactions histamine causes skin inflammation, rashes and itching.