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05-Oct-2017 23:03

But playing a world famous pop star from the age of 11 took its toll on Miley Cyrus, who reveals she suffered from body image issues while playing a teen pop star on , getting people to see her as anything other than the iconic role after the show ended almost seemed impossible at one point.

"I just didn't know what success the show was gonna be, and after that — four years, five years after that — and I was .

Miley thinks not being able to separate those two worlds caused her some serious psychological damage.

"I think that's what's probably a little wrong with me now," she said.

Apparently, it was their experience making music as kids that caused them to become disillusioned with the industry altogether."We just lost the love a little bit, you know? "We had experienced so much as kids and I kind of feel like we learned a lot about the industry that put a little bit of a bad taste in our mouth, whether it was a couple of people we worked with or whether it was just trying to find the right inspiration or what have you."After ten years away from making music in the spotlight, Aly and AJ are ready to start all over again.

"I just feel like we're back on track with who we are as musicians and I think we had found that as actors and as performers before we had found it as musicians again."Selena Gomez grew up in the spotlight, and she wouldn't wish that same fate on anyone else.

While some stars like Joe Jonas have complained that they didn't have a voice while starring on Disney Channel Shows, others say their experience was totally different.

Dylan Sprouse responded to Joe's complaints in a Tumblr essay, insisting Disney stars could have a voice if they have the guts to use it.

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But now that Hilary is older and has found success as a pop star and TV star post-You go through a lot of changes during your tweens and teens,so it's not surprising that as the Disney Channel stars grow up on set, they also begin to outgrow the roles that first made them famous."I think it is really dysfunctional to be in this industry at a young age where you're figuring out who you are," she told , which doesn't sound that bad, except that he was the age of a college junior at the time, so imagine being in college and having everyone think you were still in high school.

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