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08-Oct-2017 20:35

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Prior to Ventris, other scholars including the famous archaelogist Arthur Evans had also claimed that Linear B expresses Greek and that Phoenician writing originated from Crete and Mycenae.

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With all this evidence at hand demonstrating a long writing tradition spanning thousands of years in the past how is it possible to claim that writing was introduced to the Greek language by the Phoenicians around 800 BC?

According to linguistic research it would have been unlikely for ancient Greeks to have produced their literature without a history of writing of thousands of years.

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Mainstream thinking and history wants us to believe that writing was not invented until around 3200 BC in Mesopotamia (from the Sumerians) and that all other civilizations relied on oral exchange to maintain and transfer knowledge.

Furthermore, that the Greeks had to wait for the Phoenicians to start writing until around 800 BC. Artifacts from Greece that emerged in the 90’s demonstrate that writing was used since 5260 BC.This fascinating discovery should have changed the perceptions about the origin of writing.

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