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These, in turn, are directly related to the Sun or Moon, or both.

For example, humans have a circadian rhythm - we wake shortly after the sun rises, and we fall asleep after sundown. Our bodies respond to changing light levels by producing the hormone melatonin that causes us to become drowsy and fall asleep.

If the phase of the moon is noted during these activities, the next time that phase occurs, you will be sure to see the deer in the same place or doing the same thing.On some nights, herds of deer can be seen frolicking in fields, and on other nights they're nowhere to be found.Likewise sometimes deer are active during the day, and sometimes they're not. It is all because of subtle rhythms to whitetail patterns involving the Moon. Research from Harvard University involving 122,000 registered nurses dating back to 1976 revealed the perils of "shift work." As it turned out, the results from the study revealed that women who worked rotating shifts for six years or more experienced a 50 percent higher risk of heart disease. With its four-chambered stomach, a deer is designed to feed quickly to minimize exposure to predation, then retreat for security cover to "chew its cud." Deer must feed rhythmically or the microorganisms living in the first chamber of their stomach, the rumen, will die.This is what one well known doctor discovered when he relocated a study group of oysters from a Connecticut seashore to a laboratory near Chicago.

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Upon placing the oysters in trays, enough salt water was added to cover their shells. During the first two weeks, each oyster continued to open its shell, feeding according to the tides (created by the Moon, of course) at its former seashore home site.This information is very helpful because the Moon's "overhead" position (and 12 1/2 hours later it’s "underfoot" position) coincide with predictable feeding times of whitetails each day.

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