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22-Jul-2017 13:14

While the use of illegal drugs or the abuse of legal drugs is by definition illicit, and the use of tobacco in any form has been shown to be injurious to health, the situation regarding beverage alcohol is more complex.

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The Wheaton College community also encourages responsible freedom in matters of entertainment, including the places where members of the College community may seek it, such as television, movies, video, theater, concerts, dances and the Internet."In being myself, I have made the most genuine friends, made the greatest memories, and found myself in the process.""Two-and-a-half years later, we are still together, we are still in love, we are both out, and we are both proud of who we are," Nuemann wrote.Wheaton College is an institution of higher learning, a rigorous academic community that takes seriously the life of the mind.While enrolled in Wheaton College, undergraduate members of the community will refrain from the consumption of alcohol or the use of tobacco in all settings.

Other adult members of the College community will use careful and loving discretion in any use of alcohol.The purposes of this community covenant are as follows: We believe these biblical standards will show themselves in a distinctly Christian way of life, an approach to living we expect of ourselves and of one another.

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