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They are distractors, I believe that the "Keeper" and his "partner" put out there to obstruct the mission.

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v=ro ZL8KJKNf AHere's a discussion by some pretty big names, pointing out all the ways she has her facts wrong, and how offensive and disrespectful her site is, discussing things never to be discussed in public, posting photos of the sacred pipe. Glenn Welker To: IPL List Sent: Saturday, February 25, 2006 PMSubject: [Indigenous Peoples Literature] Re: Story of Looking Back Woman Posted by: Paula Antoine [email protected]: Carter Camp Subject: RE: look for your name floyd.

Date: Fri, -0800 (PST)I don't think AIM was at Green Grass until after Wounded Knee in 1973, they probably went there in about 1976, enit? CCpaulah wrote: Now that I have read most of this to Arvol, it is plain that the Pipe is Fools Crow's, of course all are called "sacred pipe". Her father must have interpreted this as "the sacred pipe".

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Rosie What strikes me right away is the way she's making these claims, and her purpose.

Sothis is what she learned, passed to her and now she is mis-interpreting even the lineage, as you have documentation Vivian, as incorrect.